Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mariage de Amour


To be honest, I used 2 months to really brush up the song. There's still some minor mistakes I made in the record but I was kinda..... (you may fill in the words yourself, but make it delicately!)

However, hope you guys will still cherish the efforts I put in. This master piece of music actually has its awesome-untold-story behind it, can anyone reveal the mysterious and share the juice with me...?! Thanks!

P.S. I'm always waiting for answers.


  1. still i prefer it to be played by piano..it's my personal interest so no offence! btw, thx for sharing dude!

  2. me too gal! i prefer d originality! u're most welcome~! ^^

  3. This was awesome! Looking forward for your next effort!:D

  4. nice!!! and u're really good in playing the guitar! (i thought u meant u played the piano, my bad). And do post another video of u playing the guitar, or do u hv another video in the blog already? hehe~

  5. lolz! ^^ tis is d only video in my blog gal.. thanks4 d compliment, i'l try2 upload more videos ya since there's some requests frm d public.. :P haha!