Monday, October 18, 2010



我地呢班打工仔 通街走籴直头系坏肠胃
搵个些少到月底点够洗(奀过鬼) 确系认真湿滞
最弊波士郁啲发威(癫过鸡) 一味喺處係唔係就亂嚟吠
嗡亲加新块面拿起恶睇(担吓计) 你就认真开胃

半斤八两 做到只积咁嘅样
半斤八两 湿水炮仗点会响
半斤八两 够薑呀揸鎗走去抢
出咗半斤力 想话摞番足八两
家阵恶搵食 边有半斤八两咁理想(吹漲)

我地呢班打工仔 一生一世为钱币做奴隶
个种辛苦折堕讲出吓鬼(死比你睇) 咪话冇乜所谓

半斤八两 就算有福都冇你享
半斤八两 重惨过滚水渌猪肠
半斤八两 鸡碎咁多都要啄
出咗半斤力 想话摞番足八两
家阵恶搵食 边有半斤八两咁理想(吹漲)

All time favourite song, enjoy it! :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It stands for Student Voluntary Police Crop.

To be honest, I was absolutely lying to you if I told you I'd learned nothing from this uniform team... Besides marching, they'd fill us with extra knowledge like studying Malaysia Laws.

Every semester, we'll get to have chances for gun shooting practise, with real bullets.
I guess that was the best part of all the hardships...

However, life as a SUKSIS can be really tough(no joke) but fun on the same time. It depends on how you look at things.

But in the end of the year, it was totally worth it,

because it makes us grow stronger as a man! :D

Thanks Dad... :)

P.S. Happy 10.10.10 World!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullet Train

Something I must really experience when I step my feet in Japan~! Konichiwa~ ^^

Having my ass ride on the fastest and coolest train of all, the Bullet Train! It has a top speed of 300kilometer per hour or higher. (find out the detail on how they create a machine that can travel so fast~! It's absolutely amazing and mind blowing! The beauty of science and technology!)

(NEARLY reaching the speed of Sound~! :P)

Besides its high speed, it also has a high safety and high comfort for long journey passengers.

For those who doesn't has a chance to experience the ride on any particular sport cars, you can try out bullet train~! Basically their concept are the same. :D

(Speed~ Hehe... :P)

When I'm there, I'll be taking a picture of my life time...
It would be something like this. :D

(Souvenir for pretty girl who might sit side me. Yuhoo~! :P Hahaha...)

So to folks, handsome n pretty out there,
who wanna join me? ^^