Sunday, October 10, 2010


It stands for Student Voluntary Police Crop.

To be honest, I was absolutely lying to you if I told you I'd learned nothing from this uniform team... Besides marching, they'd fill us with extra knowledge like studying Malaysia Laws.

Every semester, we'll get to have chances for gun shooting practise, with real bullets.
I guess that was the best part of all the hardships...

However, life as a SUKSIS can be really tough(no joke) but fun on the same time. It depends on how you look at things.

But in the end of the year, it was totally worth it,

because it makes us grow stronger as a man! :D

Thanks Dad... :)

P.S. Happy 10.10.10 World!


  1. Happy 10/10/10 to you too! Glad to learn about SUKSIS from your post. Never knew it existed. Happy to know you are enjoying their activities, young lad!

  2. It is not a easy task to complete a series of Kor SUKSIS training, but at least we gain something from it, isn't it? Here is another post from me. I blogged my life of SUKSIS too!

  3. police??Anyway.good luck for everything=D

  4. Cool... u get to mess with some iron shooting irons...

  5. YongChin Low: yes bro... we'd gain lotsa things frm tat.. as Lai always said, five 'L'~ :)

    WeiWei: yes, it's a uni police.. ^^

    Jaerragus & wenjuan: thanks!!