Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Parents Day

   Happy Parents Day to all the fathers and mothers out there!!! On this meaningful day, I wish to give thank to both of my parents who'd rise me up perfectly throughout the hard years! You guys are the greatest people I'd never know! Never forget to thank my grandparents too as they'd gave birth to both  wonderful person, who'd shower me with lots of love the moment I born to this world. 

   This majestic picture has been published in Canon Malaysia website on the 7th of June 2012, with the theme of Happy Parents Day. For the first time I would like to dedicate this picture to my grandparents as a remembrance of their never ending love for me and my parents. Thanks for the memories.. God bless them always! :D

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A grandfather is enjoying his moment hugging both of his grandsons happily! Can you see the joy in his smile?! ^^


This picture reminds me of I was once cradled in my grandpa's arms too.. :')