Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fancy Restaurant in Kuala Perlis, The Ocean Glow


This beautiful-unknown-sea-view-restaurant is located at the Medan Ikan Bakar Restaurant near to the Kuala Perlis jetty, where people are able to enjoy their regular ferry service to the island of Langkawi. Basically the restaurant'd opens when there's some functions happening in it therefore regular customers are not allowed to enter the gateway unless you're invited.

However, there're still some awesome restaurants located in Kuala Perlis. For example, there's a very good Chinese traditional style seafood restaurant called Hai Tian where you can dine on a simple wooden platform with the wind blowing through your face, and the feeling is just fantastic!!!


  1. After taking lots of snap and finally...*thumbs up~* the outcome is impressive! \(^o^)/

    P.S. Keep it up! *hugs*

  2. Thank you dear!!! :D it was ur ultimate support tat makes me strong!!!

    P.S. XOXO!!!