Monday, September 13, 2010

Kiss the Rain

Everytime I listen to this song,
my heart still amazingly missed you....


Maybe you'd forgotten the feeling that you had once have for me, but I'm still the same old person who meets the same people and travel the same place everyday..

Sometimes it's so lonely when you have no one to love..
Of all the things I've learned from years,
no matter how terrible things were to be fallen in the past...

Everyone deserves forgiveness....


Nahh~ This is some 'word' effects/prank that I added to make the song sounds more emotional.. hehe..! :P ^^ I had used a month to practise this song. Hope everyone likes it. \(^O^)/ Cheers people!


  1. Hey..can you tell me where i can find the chord's or notes for this... reply me on my blog TQ...

  2. Another great piece of work bro! Only heard of piano version before, nicely done for guitar:D

  3. ^^ thanks bro..! appreciate d compliments u gv.. :D

  4. Finally, i'm free to view you guys' blog. Well done, dude! Playing guitar again to attract girls? Btw, you're playing the trick (emotional description) successfully on me... *sob*

  5. haha! can attract a few gals no harm4 me geh.. i'm stil waitin ler... thanks bro, i spent quite a long time4 d scripts ler.. :P

  6. it's REALLY nice!! i love the song a lot! and don't worry, u're bound to attract girls since we love guys who can serenade us :P

  7. Thanks WenYi, it means a lot to me.. :D

  8. i love this song too. it's a bit emo, a bit touching and comforting :)

  9. wah, why sound emo? hope ur good. ;)
    have a good day!