Monday, October 4, 2010

Bullet Train

Something I must really experience when I step my feet in Japan~! Konichiwa~ ^^

Having my ass ride on the fastest and coolest train of all, the Bullet Train! It has a top speed of 300kilometer per hour or higher. (find out the detail on how they create a machine that can travel so fast~! It's absolutely amazing and mind blowing! The beauty of science and technology!)

(NEARLY reaching the speed of Sound~! :P)

Besides its high speed, it also has a high safety and high comfort for long journey passengers.

For those who doesn't has a chance to experience the ride on any particular sport cars, you can try out bullet train~! Basically their concept are the same. :D

(Speed~ Hehe... :P)

When I'm there, I'll be taking a picture of my life time...
It would be something like this. :D

(Souvenir for pretty girl who might sit side me. Yuhoo~! :P Hahaha...)

So to folks, handsome n pretty out there,
who wanna join me? ^^


  1. If you got souvenirs for handsome guys, perhaps I will join you. LOL!

  2. No worry yongchin, you'll have my We going to Japan together!