Friday, August 13, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


OMG!!! Finally the next instalment of the Resident Evil is coming out, and this time it’s in 3D! We would definitely expect more stunning visual, dynamic special effect that will make even the zombies look “good”, and heart blowing surprises that will make us scream in the cinema. And ever since I was young I remember playing the first 3 Resident Evil series on my PS, and all those hours spent on trying to survive through the zombie infested Raccoon City. Not forgetting combining those gun powders and medicines were the best part of the video game.

As a big fan of the Resident Evil series as I am, it goes without fail to say that I had watched every film as well. I absolutely love how Milla Jovovich’s portray of the character Alice in all the series, and Ali Larter as Claire Redfield really brings out the character’s fierceness. Of course, if I’d in Alice’s shoe, brute force is the only way to defeat those disgusting zombies. You can’t expect Alice using her seduction when fighting with Umbrella right… it would be absolute illogical and insane! (Although she does has good body. :D)

With all those clones of Alice and the other followers such as Claire, Chris, Leon and Jill, it is absolutely mind blowing!!! What better team mate can you ask for, they are the dream team that will finally take Umbrella down, and kick that son of a bxxth Albert Wesker’s ass. That spells trouble for those bastards in Umbrella! Haha! Nonetheless, we do need all the people we can get to help us carry all those heavily arm guards and high-tech weapons! Therefore cloning our heroine definitely is a noble way when it’s come to fighting with Umbrella Corporation.

We all know Alice now, she is what I would call the perfect fighter, skill in gun fighting and a variety of martial art, enhance by the super strength, and finally psychic ability such as telekinesis, she alone is an opponent that no zombie can have any chance of winning. And now there is even more of her, so yeah, you go Alice, kick some decaying zombiefied ass!!! Bring on the tyrant type zombies or whatever sick product of your twisted experiments Umbrella, it ain’t no problem for out super powerful, super hot, super sexy Alice! She can kick their sorry asses so hard that they can kiss the moon.

Alice is not only the perfect fighter, but her blood is also the cure for the T-virus. Which means she can also heal the infected people and now we don’t have to worry about being turn in to a zombie, though we should still be careful not to be bitten. She can go straight to the Umbrella headquarters and let all hell break loose, bring your worst on Umbrella, because whatever monster you serve us, Alice can take it down!!!

On the other hand, Claire Redfield armed with the conviction and determination to save her dear brother, this sassy young woman is not an opponent to be taken lightly, though she lack Alice’s training and superpowers, she is still a force to be reckoned with. She survival the ordeal in Raccoon City, and is the leader of the survival, that said a lot about what she is capable of. And now finally reunited with her dear brother Chris Redfield, you just know that these brother sister dream team is going to wipe the floor with those Umbrella scumbag. Zombies beware, because this gun sling girl will take you down before you can say “urg...”

This is my first time participating Nuffnang movie-winning-tickets contest. Hope I’d win the war like Alice and the others did in the end. :D


  1. Good luck in winning the tickets ya!:D

  2. good luck jason! and yes, milla jovovich rocks :D

  3. great post and all the best for the comp!

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