Saturday, August 7, 2010

Four-leaf Clover

People believe in various type of things. This is what I believe in-Four-leaf Clover. It brings a very deep meaning to my life, so if you ever notice my bag, you will see one of them is hanging on it. Although I never seem mention anything about the clover in public but I do care it a lot. Reason...? That will be something that you need to guess from me... Haha! Sorry! :P

Hope that one day when I'm rich enough, not to mention I'm still young too, I would like to go oversea to find the clover By Myself! I always wish that the clover'd share its power with me whenever I'm in deep shit, the first leaf is for Faith, the second leaf is for Hope, the third leaf is for Love, and the last one is for Luck!
Clover identification:

"The plants that produce our four-leaf clovers are Trifolium repens , White Clover. Although, the plants mainly produce the common three-leaf clover (or Shamrock), we hand pick the lucky four-leaf clovers that the plant produces. Each leaf goes through a special preserving and drying process to preserve the natural green color. We then incorporate the actual leaf into jewelry, gifts and cards for our Clovers Online products."

History of the clover:

"The four leaf clover is a universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old. According to legend, Eve carried a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden. The clovers also occupied a position in the cultural life of early peoples. White clover (T. repens L.) in particular was held in high esteem by the early Celts of Wales as a charm against evil spirits. 'Clover Science and Technology'. N.L. Taylor, 1985. Druids held the 4 leaf clover in high esteem and considered them a sign of luck. In 1620, Sir John Melton wrote: 'If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.' The mystique of the four leaf clover continues today, since finding a real four leaf clover is still a rare occurrence and omen of good luck."


  1. i first learn about four leaf clover playing ragnarok online lol.

  2. OmG...! XD thanks4 sharin chris..