Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday to Myself

It's a great blessing that I'm able to celebrate my 24th birthday with my friends, family and my love one. To be honest I still felt the same as before when I was in 21 years old. However, life still move on whether you like it or not. I guess sometimes we're just a bunch of kids living in an adult's body. 

   Thank you for all the awesome wishes, supports and memories from everyone I'd met in the past or present. Special thanks to my parents who rise me up healthy and strong, happy and knowledgeable, not to mention a good physical appearance (:P), and my love one who brought me to a joyful place where blessing and love exist, knowing Him is the great thing I'd ever done in my life. You rock my world! :D

常聽說世界愛沒長久 哪裡會有愛無盡頭
塵俗的愛只在乎曾擁有 一刻燦爛便要走
而我卻確信愛是恆久 碰到了你已無別求
無從解釋 不可說明的愛 千秋過後仍長存不朽
誰人受痛苦被懸掛在木頭 至高的愛盡見於刺穿的手
看!血在流反映愛沒保留 持續不死的愛到萬世不休
惟求奉上生命全歸主所有 要將一切盡獻於我主的手
我已決定今生再沒所求 惟望得主稱讚已足夠

All my love,

P.S. Treasure every chapter of your life because you'll never touch the same water twice in a flowing river.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! God bless u .:)

  2. Yipee 24th Birthday to you B~!! yay! someone is older than me dy.. :P

    P.S. cannot act like kid anymore ya~ ^^

  3. Thanks Wei~!! :D

    Yes huiyun~ enjoy it while u stil can~!!! Wakaka! XD

  4. Super Belated Birthday Jason!!!