Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lake Garden of Taiping, Perak

It was a cloudy evening when I took these pictures. My friends and I had decided to go for a one day trip to Taiping only for photography and McD purposes on that Deepavali Eve morning. We'd drove for 3 hours to the destination and 3 hours back to our university on the same day and it was really exhausted, especially when you 'd just finished photography. Although the trip was quite insane but how many crazy things we can do throughout the time we'd live?! Overall it was an unforgettable trip I should say, I'd spent an awesome time with my friends and love one in the journey. Here is the pictures I'm about to honor to all my friends, family and love one. Thanks!!! :D






  1. Beautiful shots and I am still looking forward to visit this place but with the rain everyday, its been put on hold.

  2. Thanks Nava.K!! Yea, it has been rainin in most of d place nowadays. but hope u'l be able to visit d place soon enough!! :D