Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Macchina Fotografica

My new born DSLR camera Canon EOS 60D! [click here for infro] I really like the camera a lot, hope I'll have great fun exploring a new world that I'd never been expose before!!

Good luck jason,
all the best to you! ^^ :D


  1. i do like this cam much...waiting time and money right now..hohoho

  2. Ohno~another DSLR! Thought you plan to buy D90 at the beginning? Hmn..who inspired you in buying this cam?...nice cam there:] Btw, waiting for your masterpiece ya!^^

  3. a Helper n my dad inspired me i should say... it took me 3 hours2 decide which one2 buy n finally i choosen tis cam.. tough decision u see as i walked into d shop as a nikon hardcore supporter bt cm out wit a canon user nw. Gues life always surprise us huh, ^^ thanks!

  4. I went to shopping mall and visited a camera shop without any plan at the beginning. Then my friend asked abt the prices of some lenses. I noticed that the lenses of nikon are more expensive than canon one. One of it even more than 1k. Omg! I'm gonna broke by this.