Thursday, July 29, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

Hi, here's one of my favourite comedy show of all-How I Met Your Mother. The script is humorous, romantic comedies depend on appealing actors, unpredictable storyline with lots of touchy moments, tears, and surprises. No doubt, you'll definitely like the show if you watched all the seasons like I do.
The show description as below:

"Narrated by an (unseen) man in the year 2030 telling his children the story of his 20-something years, this 'Friends'-like sitcom actually revolves around a group of five friends in present-day Manhattan."

To those who'd love the show,
Here's some hilarious websites that will tickles your funny bone, :D
Have a pleasant day with the link~:

Quoted from Barney Stinson, 'SUIT UP People!!'

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